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Louise Bours's campaign against taxpayer-funded EU propaganda bizarrely opposed by a Labour MEP
Date 23/07/2014 14:04  Author webmaster  Hits 2332  Language Global
UKIP Press Release

UKIP's campaign against taxpayer-funded EU propaganda was bizarrely opposed by a Labour MEP - who defended the use of public money for an 'artists' cooperative' in the mountains of Northern Germany.
The stunning justification for the EU's vast 'cultural budget' - long a tool to fund pro-EU propaganda from the public purse - came after newly-elected UKIP MEP for the North West Louise Bours ridiculed how these funds are spent.
Addressing the EU's Committee on Culture and Education, whose €1.4 billion budget is responsible for outrageous past projects such as the 'House of EU History', Bours said:

'My constituents who I represent in the North-West of England would be utterly appalled looking back at this committee’s previous spending of €60million used to build a house of EU history while they were forced to queue for food-banks to feed their families.’
Opposing the 'squandering' of yet more money on more propaganda - such as countless more EU flags all over Europe and the UK - Bours vowed: ‘UKIP will vote to cut all money for shameless EU self-promotion’.

Instead of joining UKIP's campaign against costly vanity projects dreamed up by Euro-federalists, Labour's MEP for the same North West constituents sided with the EU - defending her decision because of her past in a painting school in the German mountains!

The Labour MEP Julie Ward said: 'I'm a creative artist, I spent thirty years working in culture with young people. Right now, in a 'happening' not far from here, in the Harz mountains in Northern Germany, there is a peace school that was founded in the aftermath of the Second World War. And the artists cooperative that I've been working with for thirty years has been a British partner in that peace school and it works every summer with young people from right across Europe using arts and culture as a means of bringing young people together '.
In response Louise Bours said: 'UKIP are in the European Parliament to defend taxpayers from waste and squander. Labour defend public-funded painting in German woods. No wonder UKIP just won the European elections in Britain'.
The whole exchange can be watched here: