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'Grassroots fury' likely price of Lib Dem-Tory coalition
Date 10/05/2010 16:57  Author webmaster  Hits 2391  Language Global

Fury amongst the rank and file membership of the Conservative Party is likely if they reach agreement with the Liberal Democrats after turning down a UKIP deal which would have given them a majority of three, UKIP Chairman Paul Nuttall MEP said today.

The deal, which would have seen UKIP not stand in return for a pledge from David Cameron to hold a binding referendum on Britain’s EU membership, was turned down by the Conservatives. The UKIP vote exceeded the amount the Conservatives lost by in 21 constituencies, enough to have given them an overall majority of three.

By turning down the deal, Mr Nuttall said that Mr Cameron had ‘snatched a defeat from the jaws of victory’.

He continued, “It is difficult to imagine how the Conservatives will keep up their pretence of Euroscepticism when the Liberal Democrats want to take us into the euro, and see Britain as a province of a Federal Europe. Their grassroots membership will be up in arms.

“Mr Cameron was asked by UKIP to do nothing more than agree to hold a referendum, in which he would have been free to campaign for Britain to remain an EU member. Unfortunately, he didn’t trust the British people, and his negotiations with the Liberal Democrats are likely to ensure that his own membership cease to trust him, if they ever did.

“Any deal he can now reach is likely to drive ever increasing numbers of Conservative Party members into the arms of UKIP, as the only party which represents their views on Europe.”