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UKIP slashes Tory majority in Newark by-election
Date 06/06/2014 14:54  Author webmaster  Hits 1549  Language Global
UKIP MEP Roger Helmer slashes panicked Tories' majority in Newark as People's Army marches on


UKIP candidate Roger Helmer slashed the Tory majority in Newark – their 40th safest seat nationwide – and left the demoralised Lib Dems losing their deposit and falling to a miserable sixth place as we took a massive 26 per cent of the vote.

Speaking after the result was announced, UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said: “If you had said to me before the campaign we would go from four per cent to 26 per cent I would have taken that.

"It means that we go on whether it is a Tory-held seat, a Labour-held seat, a LibDem held seat - we go on being the challenger in all of these constituencies.

"And the right one will come along - a marginal - and we will win it."

Newark by-election result