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Flip-flopping Cameron is beginning to sound like my little echo - Nigel Farage
Date 25/04/2014 19:26  Author webmaster  Hits 2082  Language Global
I sometimes wonder if the PM actually believes in anything at all, apart from furthering his own career, writes UKIP Leader Nigel Farage in today's Daily Express.

What a brilliant poll it was over the weekend showing that 70 per cent of Express readers are intending to vote Ukip in the European elections.

I know from the response this column gets that the overwhelming majority of you share the concerns that I have been raising for years - whether about uncontrolled immigration, the downgrading of Christianity in our national life, the mad dash to heavily-subsidised windfarms, the profligate spending of the State, the lack of the public being allowed to have their say on EU member ship and much else besides.

We’ve been on the same page on this stuff for years – guided by plain common sense and by our deeply held political principles and beliefs.

But I’ve noticed someone else saying similar things in recent months, someone who not so long ago was saying the opposite on nearly all the points I’ve listed above. The person is David Cameron. It’s like he’s become a little echo and I find this most curious.

After all, when he first became Tory leader, Mr Cameron downplayed concerns about immigration, saying he liked the country as it is and not as it was. He said his Christian faith faded in and out. He was all in favour of pouring your money into windfarms, telling people to “vote blue to go green”.

He made a big point of backing Labour’s Climate Change Act that costs British citizens £18billion a year.

He backed Gordon Brown’s excessive public spending – pledging to match Labour’s bloated spending levels even while we were warning that borrowing was running out of control and taxes on working people were too high.

And of course, he was dead set against letting you have a referendum on EU membership. He said that would be against the national interest, implying that you could not be trusted to reach a sensible decision on such an important issue.

Indeed, he even put down a three line whip in the Commons ordering Tory MPs to vote against a motion calling for a referendum after a debate instigated in large part by a public petition from Express readers. That was back in October 2011. It was round about then that Ukip really began to surge in the polls.

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