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The Truth is Out: At least 75% of our laws are Made in Brussels
Date 07/04/2014 15:33  Author webmaster  Hits 2129  Language Global
75% to 80% of our laws are made by EU institutions, says senior European Commissioner Viviane Reding, responsible for justice, fundamental rights and citizenship.


Sensational video footage has emerged of EU Commissioner Viviane Reding admitting that either "75% or 80%" of laws that affect countries belonging to the EU are made in Brussels.

The video clip gives the lie to the idea that Ms Reding’s comments to similar effect in London earlier this year had been misinterpreted by journalists.

UKIP Director of Communications Patrick O'Flynn said: "This is a slam dunk moment for those of us who have been saying that a large majority of our laws are made by Brussels.

“One of the most senior European Commissioners has admitted exactly what Nigel Farage told Nick Clegg in their televised debates. There is no ambiguity about her words either. The only thing she is not sure about is whether it is still 75% or now as much as 80% of our laws that are made by the EU. UKIP invites you to watch, listen and judge for yourselves.”

% issue settled from Hugh Barton-Smith on Vimeo.


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