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Tobacco Directive: a travesty of democracy
Date 26/02/2014 19:52  Author webmaster  Hits 3254  Language Global
Tobacco Directive curbs E-cigarettes, pouch tobacco and menthol cigarettes in a travesty of democracy

"If their aim was to curb tobacco consumption, this directive will achieve the very opposite," says UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall MEP.

Press Release

Today in Strasbourg, the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly for a final version of the EU Tobacco Products Directive. Its new rules include:

• Picture warnings must cover 65% of the front and back of every packet of cigarettes, with additional warnings on the top of the pack
• A ban on "lipstick-style" packs aimed at women - all packs must have at least 20 cigarettes to leave room for health warnings
• Roll-your-own tobacco packs to have similar picture warnings
• A ban on promotional elements, such saying "this product is free of additives" or is less harmful than other brands
• A ban on flavoured cigarettes, such as menthol, fruit and vanilla
• A maximum nicotine-concentration level for e-cigarettes.

In response UKIP environment spokesman Paul Nuttall MEP said in Strasbourg:
"This latest Tobacco Directive from the EU will curb E-cigs, outlaw the smaller pouch of loose tobacco and ban menthol cigarettes by 2020.

"By increasing the regulation of E-cigs as medical products to be sold in pharmacies, the EU is actually restricting a product which is helping people lower their dependence on tobacco.

"If their aim was to curb tobacco consumption, this directive will achieve the very opposite.

"The EU has gone mental by banning menthol flavoured cigarettes outright in 2020, thus restricting people's pleasure and bringing a bonanza for black market smugglers. Many people will continue to smoke menthol cigarettes - this measure just reduces UK tax revenue.

"The most stupid change is the banning of 20g pouches of roll-your-own-tobacco. It will simply force people to buy bigger pouches and smoke more. All totally ridiculous of course, but that is the EU for you.
"All this stupidity is compounded by the fact that the MEPs voted on this last year, but their decisions were in a number of cases overturned by the European Council and Commission. It is indeed also a travesty of democracy - if there is such a thing in the EU."