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Three old parties favour more economic migration from Balkans
Date 10/02/2014 12:45  Author webmaster  Hits 3337  Language Global
UKIP oppose accession of West Balkan countries, while the LibLabCon support more economic migration to UK

Press Release

UKIP MEP William Dartmouth said after a vote on the West Balkan countries on Thursday in the European Parliament, Strasbourg:

"When European Commissioner Laszlo Andor says that Cameron  is simply 'posturing' over migration, he is telling the truth, except it is not just Cameron but the three old parties together.

"Tory MPs have made a lot of noise about their efforts to restrict Economic mass migration from Eastern Europe.  David Cameron even suggested 6 weeks ago that he would not allow new states to join the EU unless their GDP level reached a certain percentage of that of the UK.

"I accuse David Cameron and the Tory  Party of rank hypocrisy because when I put forward amendments to stop the accession of West Balkan states unless they reach a certain level of wealth, not only the Tory MEPs but the MEPs of the three old parties opposed it, meaning they were quite happy to support more poor states come into the EU and therefore the UK.

"The population of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro combined is 6.5 million. The GDP per capita of the most prosperous, Montenegro, is a third of that which we enjoy in the UK. Unemployment is over 31% for Macedonia and over 44% for Bosnia-Herzegovina. Should these countries be permitted to join the European Union there will then be a giant sucking sound as their citizens - entirely sensibly from their point of view - emigrate to other, more prosperous, countries in the EU.

"The immigrants will go disproportionately to the UK, which has a combination of generous welfare and the English language. The context is, there were over 7 million immigrants to the UK in the Blair-Brown years. To be crystal clear, we strongly oppose more countries, especially poor countries with low GDP per capita joining the European Union."

William Dartmouth is a Member from the South West and sits on the European Parliament's International Trade Committee