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Gerard Batten: Secret Government report is hog-wash
Date 17/12/2013 17:07  Author webmaster  Hits 2655  Language Global
The 'leaked' government report on limiting EU immigration and banning EU migrants from claiming benefits is hog-wash because this would be ‘illegal’ under existing EU Directives.

By UKIP MEP Gerard Batten

Last night (Sunday, 15th December) I was interviewed on the Clive Bull show on LBC Radio.  The interview concerned the supposedly leaked Government report saying they would ‘limit EU immigration to 75,000 per year’, and impose other restrictions such as, ‘banning EU migrants from claiming benefits for five years’, and ‘only allowing them to come to work when they have a firm job offer that cannot be filled in the UK’.
I was happy to point out that the Government can do none of these things because they would be ‘illegal’ under existing EU Directives on the free movement of people and non-discrimination against EU citizens.

Mr Cameron’s talk of a ‘new relationship’ with the EU is hog-wash. It would take all 28 Member States to agree to any change in the Directives, and this they are never going to do.  Why should they? It is they that benefit from the existing arrangements.
Mr Cameron’s pie-in-the-sky wishes won’t do anything to address the problem on 1st January 2014 when another 29 million people from Bulgaria and Romania will have the full right to come to Britain, work and or claim benefits and housing, and use the NHS and all our public services.
The Government, and indeed the Lib-Lab-Con in general, is running scared of the UKIP electoral threat.  They are desperately trying to stave off that threat with empty promises of actions they cannot take – indeed their previous actions by agreeing to these Directives removed their ability to take action permanently.
The only solution is for Britain to leave the European Union.

Gerard Batten MEP