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Lib-Dem MEP: 'Let's see German Police on British Streets'
Date 01/12/2013 14:22  Author webmaster  Hits 1886  Language Global
By Roger Helmer MEP

Sorry to harp on about Bill Newton Dunn, but he’s at it again.  He’s called for the creation of a “European FBI”, which could allow German police officers to arrest British citizens on British streets.

Speaking in Brussels last week to a visiting group of journalism students from LincolnUniversity, Bill said that cross-border crime in Europe meant that there was a need for a “Federal Police Force”, enabling police from one EU country to pursue criminals in another.  He said that this could mean, for example, uniformed German police officers arresting British citizens on British streets, and he was entirely relaxed about it.

He admitted that his son Tom Newton Dunn, who is political editor of The Sun newspaper, had warned him that the British press was likely to react very badly to this idea.  Not half.

The Lib-Dem MEP is also a strong advocate of the European Arrest Warrant, which has seen British citizens deported on the whim of foreign magistrates, for minor offences, with scanty evidence and no right of appeal, and sent to foreign jurisdictions which ride roughshod over the basic principles of British justice, like habeus corpus and trial by jury.

As an East Midlands MEP, I was also at the students’ briefing.  I’m afraid I wasn’t surprised to see Bill, yet again, showing his total disregard for the instincts and the interests of British people.  He allows nothing to stand in the way of his obsession with European integration.   I believe that the British public simply won’t tolerate the idea of uniformed German officers with authority over our own people in our own country.

I agree that more needs to be done on cross-border crime, but I’d call for more police cooperation through existing structures like Interpol, rather than the creation of a new EU bureaucracy.  Far from helping us stop cross-border crime, the EU is promoting cross-border crime by requiring us to open our borders on January 1st to countries like Bulgaria and Romania where the Rule of Law is tenuous to say the least, and criminal gangs are very active.

Roger Helmer MEP