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EU's green taxes are killing our OAPs
Date 18/10/2013 19:31  Author webmaster  Hits 2862  Language Global
How is it that we can subsidise wind turbines and rich landowners while people who fought for our country are forced to rely on charity?" - UKIP Leader Nigel Farage MEP

A chill is definitely in the air and just in time for the onset of winter we are told that energy prices will be rising.

British Gas, for example, plan to raise their prices by 9 per cent even though they made an increased profit of £356million last year, blaming wholesale gas prices and government schemes. Do you remember Ed Miliband promising to fix energy prices?

My Ukip colleague and Express commentator Patrick O’Flynn confronted the Labour politician Douglas Alexander on BBC 1’s Question Time a few weeks ago when this subject was raised.

He made the point it was utterly misleading for Red Ed to imply he was in any way a saviour of the vulnerable.

For it was when he was Energy Secretary that he pushed through the 2008 Climate Change Act which led to huge subsidies being added to our energy bills and restrictions on how the UK can provide energy.

The UK was only country to sign up to the commitment of 80 per cent reductions by 2030 proposed by the EU, lumbering British homeowners and businesses with the knock-on costs, and holding back our energy programme by a decade.

Even without the threat of price fixing we are being warned that we could face power cuts as we struggle to meet demand. Green taxes add an average £110 a year to every household fuel bill. That is set to rise to £180 by 2020.

Six million people are in fuel poverty – where cost of energy is 10 per cent of income.

Over the next 40 years implementing the Climate Change Act will cost UK taxpayers £720billion.

We were told by Miliband his plans to cut carbon to zero would be achieved by 2030 and in doing a million new jobs would be created. But how would this new employment be afforded? Either via energy bills or government subsidies.

For every job created in the renewable sector, four jobs are lost elsewhere in the economy. Jobs in manufacturing and industry. Jobs lost through sky-high energy bills and taxes which make business less competitive and deters investment.

Ed Miliband might not like to hear it but it's the private sector that provides real growth. The Veterans Charity has recently expressed concern about further price rises. Chief executive Danny Greeno has warned they have seen a big rise in demand for their Winter Survival Packs.

How is it that we can subsidise wind turbines and rich landowners while people who fought for our country are forced to rely on charity?

The UK currently imports 80 per cent of its gas, much of it from politically unstable regions of the world and we have already seen Russia using gas supply as a weapon against its neighbours.

And yet we are sitting on reserves of shale gas. It's Ukip policy to investigate these reserves with a view to using the money for a Sovereign Wealth Fund that would be kept away from politicians keen to waste it on vanity projects.

It would belong to the people of Britain.

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