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Gerard Batten: Tories are no 'cousins' of mine
Date 27/09/2013 13:19  Author webmaster  Hits 2140  Language Global
The Conservative Party wants to stay in the EU and UKIP wants to leave. We have nothing in common, writes UKIP MEP Gerard Batten

I have just read in the Mail-Online that Andrew Mitchell MP (former Tory Minister of Pleb-Gate fame) has said that, ‘UKIP supporters are cousins of the Tory Party and we want them back’.

Tories like Mr Mithcell really don’t get it do they.  Many people in UKIP, and those who support and vote UKIP, have never been Tories.  They don’t want to ‘go back’, and would never vote Tory because they know they can never trust them.

The Tories have the wind up because they can see that UKIP is taking votes in increasing numbers.  We have just replaced the Lib-Dems in third place in the opinion polls.  First the Tories called us names, but now realise that just drives more people into our camp.  Now their Plan B is to make anti-EU noises and pretend they want the same things as us.  Mr Mitchell who has reportedly said, the EU is a ‘supranational organisation unable to respond to British needs’. Full marks for observation, if a trifle late in the day. But the Tory Party wants to stay in the EU and UKIP wants to leave. We have nothing in common.

The Tory Party has sold Britain down the river to the EU since 1972. The Tories took us in under Ted Heath; Mrs Thatcher gave away our right of veto over EU legisaltion in 1986; John Major gave away yet more power in 1992 with the Maastrich Treaty (On European Union). This treaty made our Head of State, HM the Queen a citizen of the EU, and created the euro that is now causing devastation in Europe. All the further surrenders of power made by the Labour Government of 1997-2010 were possible bcause of the ground-work done by the Tories.

UKIP activists, members and voters come from all types of backgrounds.  We don’t trust Tories.  In fact the only thing you can trust the Tories to do  is to contiue to betray Britain still further into the EU.  Labour and the Lib-Dems are just as bad of course, but the Tories are the most contemptible because they have the word ‘conserve’ in their name and they have never conserved anything that anyone can remember – least of all the democratic self-governance of their own country.

Gerard Batten MEP