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Europe's modern slave trade thrives unhindered through Schengen
Date 20/04/2010 13:21  Author webmaster  Hits 3643  Language Global

Following the release, last week, of a proposal for a Directive "on preventing and combating trafficking in human beings, and protecting victims" by the Committee for Women's Rights and Gender Equality, UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom pointed out that "the purpose of borders is to ensure control of the movement of goods in order to avoid smuggling, tax evasion, etc. Criminals involved in modern slavery, be it prostitution or child labour, are dealing with people as they would deal with products and have no respect whatsoever for human life"

"These modern slaves very often come from Asia, cross Turkey and land in Bulgaria through a very corrupt customs entry point, then they are sent across Europe without anyone checking on their Identity," adds Mr Bloom, who is a member of the Women's Right Committee. 

"Is this a surprise?" Bloom asks. "Of course not! The Schengen area is a totally open and unguarded area; an open door to all sorts of crimes."

The committee's proposal does not mention the effects of Schengen, but calls for action by the European Union, which is thought "will better achieve the objectives of the proposal."

"Bulgaria is one of the largest human traffickers in the world, providing enslaved girls to brothels all over Europe. A shame our conservative colleagues voted in favour of its entry in the already corrupt EU." 

"If legal brothels reopened," the controversial MEP added, "it would help our police fighting this appalling  modern slavery by freeing the most vulnerable victims, but that is probably too much for the hypocrites sitting on my committee."