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Farage: Voters not fooled by plastic euroscepticism, Mr Cameron
Date 13/09/2013 13:31  Author webmaster  Hits 1912  Language Global
The reality is Mr Cameron and his Tories are hand in glove with Mr Barroso and his ilk, writes UKIP Leader Nigel Farage MEP in his Daily Express Friday column.

Two days ago I had possibly one of the worst feelings a eurocsceptic can ever experience: I agreed with Jose Manuel Barroso, the grand president of the European Commission and one of the most senior figures in EU-land.

He predicted Ukip would beat the Tories and win next year’s European Elections. What insight the man has.

He told the Conservatives in the European Parliament Britons would see through their claims to be eurosceptic and vote for the original and not the copy.

He’s right. And it was lovely to see he’s ruffled the feathers of the most plastic eurosceptic of the lot: David Cameron. There he was on the radio yesterday, telling the world he’s “going to have some tough words” with Mr Barroso the next time they meet.

Mr Barroso must be quaking in his boots. The reality is, however, that Mr Cameron and his Tories are hand in glove with Mr Barroso and his ilk.

They’re not really eurosceptic: they’re trying to hoodwink the British people into thinking they’re tough and they’ll repatriate powers from Brussels. The reality is Mr Cameron wants us to stay in Europe and keep friends like Mr Barroso in place.

But who is this president of the Commission, this man who on Wednesday stood in front of MEPs in Strasbourg to make his 'State of the Union' address? This man who no one in the UK has ever had a chance to vote for, this former Maoist.

And how did this man who leads a political union come to make speeches as if he was the US President?

Jose Manuel Barroso has no desire to hide his wish for the EU to be a nation state.

The overriding message of his 40 minute speech yesterday in Strasbourg was that without the EU there would have been a Third World War; Nation States are at an end; they simply can't be trusted.

But of course it wasn’t the EU which ensured peace in Europe but Nato and thousands of American soldiers.

And it's trade and cooperation in the global market that brings peace and prosperity across the world.

By contrast, it is the EU via the euro and massive austerity which is causing huge unemployment, poverty and social unrest.

The violence in Spain and Greece is a direct consequence of EU policies. The proposals to combat the unrest will only make things worse as countries who are bound into the wrong currency struggle to survive.

For the last 10 years since he has been Commission President, Mr Barroso has doggedly pursued Euro-federalism combined with an increasing green obsession.

And what has that green obsession brought us – unasked for, unsupported by the people it affects?

EU dominance over our daily lives and the “green” agenda has meant tens of millions forced into fuel poverty, manufacturing industry being driven away because our competitors in China and India are going for cheap fossil alternatives and of course wind turbines blighting the landscapes and seascapes of Europe.

The EU has been a disaster for poor people and those on low wages. The euro, which was meant to bring monetary stability, has done the very opposite.

Millions of young people across the continent are faced with dire prospects of getting any job, let alone one with a solid career progression.

And at the helm whilst all of this has been going on has been Jose Manuel Barroso.

This man who leads the organisation which proposes the legislation that affects your everyday lives.

The man who addresses a parliament miles away from the UK and talks about “The Union” which you have never had a chance to vote for.

The man who thinks that wanting direct democracy and the UK to run its own affairs is somehow dangerous and introspective.

The man who when he looks in the mirror sees David Cameron winking back with a smile.

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