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Roger Helmer: Ed Davey must change direction on UK energy
Date 12/09/2013 10:53  Author webmaster  Hits 3016  Language Global
UKIP MEP Roger Helmers calls for Ed Davey to change direction on UK Energy as EU Commissioners admit Green Energy policy has been an economic disaster.

Press Release

•  UKIP MEP and Energy Spokesman Roger Helmer has called on the UK Energy Minister Ed Davey to radically change direction.

Mr Helmer said, "This week two European Commissioners have admitted that the EU Energy policy has been a complete disaster. We in UKIP have been saying this for years. While welcoming their belated return to sanity on this issue we now ask UK Energy Minister Ed Davey to do the same.

"Ed Davey has swallowed the wrongheaded EU hogwash for years. It is the font and source of UK policy. Indeed the UK has even gone further than asked and is implementing the the 2008 Climate Change Act.  This Act is one of the most expensive ever passed in peace time, threatening costs of £18 billion a year for forty years — £720 billion in all. We must repeal this Act as it underpins all these damaging taxes and red tape policies."

Antonio Tajani, the European industry commissioner told the Telegraph, "We need a new energy policy. We have to stop pretending, because we can't sacrifice Europe's industry for climate goals that are not realistic, and are not being enforced worldwide."

Roger Helmer added, "Here in the UK, we face an energy double-whammy.

"Policies imposed by Brussels in pursuit of their climate obsession are driving up costs and undermining competitiveness , at a time when our major global competitors — the USA, China, India — are all switching to low-cost fossil fuels, shale gas and coal. Now the EU is having a return to sanity, so must the UK.

"What the US experience of shale gas shows is that the UK’s commitment to expensive renewable energy policies may leave it at a substantial competitive disadvantage while other countries exploit much cheaper sources of energy."

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