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Nuttall questions expense and balance of EP election campaign
Date 10/09/2013 14:33  Author webmaster  Hits 2466  Language Global
Press Release

"The European Parliament is today launching a hugely expensive and politically unbalanced EU propaganda campaign," UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall MEP said today.

It uses taxpayers' money to tell the people what a great thing the EU is while many people believe that the Euro and EU is the problem not the solution to Europe's troubles.

"The EP Election website will only promote European Funded Political Parties. Many MEP candidates and parties are not members of a Pan EU political party, UKIP is an example.

"There are many parties such as UKIP which are not part of Pan EU Political Parties but will stand in the election. The questions I would like to ask are:

1. Does EU financing of those who are members of Pan-EU political parties a financial and now PR advantage over others? I believe this is grossly unfair.

2. When were the peoples of Europe consulted if they wanted such a huge amount of money spent by the EU on such a propaganda campaign? Did all the MEPs even get to approve this? No they did not.

3. Is there a place for a "The EU is problem, not the solution" narrative in this election campaign? If not, why not?

"The Bureau of the European Parliament voted to spend 7 million euros on inviting 5000 young persons to Strasbourg for huge propaganda event two weeks before next European Parliament election.

"With youth unemployment rates in MED countries at 60%, this event is a kick in their face.

"It is clearly going to be one-sided, even with restrictions in banners the people can bring to event etc. It is all Pro Europe, EU is the answer stuff throughout.

"Everything is to be EU on message with carefully restricted banners and selected speakers only."

See document EU Youth Event 2014, p3 [PDF]:

"For the implementation of the programme, a procedure with a clear set of criteria to minimise potential political risks has been developed.  Events must be politically balanced in terms of thematic orientation and composition of actors or speakers. The EYE strives to be geographically and gender balanced.  Briefings incorporating all event details will be submitted for review to the programme coordination before end-2013

Entrance security will ensure that only banners corresponding to the established criteria will be allowed into the building.

Political groups will have a clearly defined space which, although much smaller, will be allocated according to the Open Doors Day space distribution key."

Concerning the EP Youth Event, Paul Nuttall said:

"Bonkers Brussels bureaucrats have a neck spending 7 million euro on a propaganda event to make young people love the EU when youth unemployment is reaching 60% in Greece and Spain.

"Far from being invited to freely air their own views, the young people will be carefully restricted in the banners they can display and the on-message speakers they shall be allowed to hear.

"As trust in the EU plummets across Europe, the EU thinks it can all be made right by a ridiculously expensive propaganda exercise two weeks before the Euro election. But it won´t work!

"These Eurocrats can have their week of razzmatazz fun, but UKIP shall put a big frown on their faces come election night.

"The amount of taxpayers´money spent on EU promotion and propaganda is an absolute scandal. The EU Communication budget came to 2.4 billion euro in 2009, and I am sure it has increased since. The amount of money the EU spends of these events is huge but ineffective."