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Climate concensus crumbles
Date 09/09/2013 14:48  Author webmaster  Hits 2430  Language Global
Pity the poor Warmists!

"You have to feel a little sorry for the Warmists as their cherished theory comes crashing down, don’t you?  And so do I feel sorry for Al Gore?  Hell No.  He had it coming."

By UKIP MEP Roger Helmer

Perhaps one of the least pleasant remarks one can hear is “I told you so!”

Yet if one has been in a tiny minority, the object of ridicule and opprobrium, for years, one is surely entitled to a small frisson of satisfaction when the orthodoxy which one has opposed for ages starts to fall apart.  Which is where we are now with the climate debate.

It was back in 2007 when I organised my first climate conference in Brussels, bringing together a number of speakers with a sceptical view of climate policy.  Prof Fred Singer of the University of Virginia.  Lord Lawson, so sound on both Europe and climate, and the founder of the Global Warming Policy foundation.  Benny Peiser, then with Liverpool John Moores University, now with GWPF.  Roger Bootle of Capital Economics, a man with strong views on the economics of climate policy. UKIP, by the way, has been taking a rational position on climate for some time.

For years, those of us who questioned the orthodoxy were dismissed and denigrated as “climate deniers”, and we were assured that 97% of scientists supported the consensus (though that amounted to little more than “Do you agree that the climate changes?” — and on that basis, most sceptics would support the consensus too).

In December 1997, the BBC announced that the Arctic would be “ice-free in summer by 2013”.  Now, in 2013, the Mail reports that arctic ice cover is at a new record, and serious scientists are now predicting global cooling.  In March 2000, the Independent reported that “Our children will never see snow again”.  Yet recent winters have seen rather a lot of snow.  And just now in September, in the Southern hemisphere, Peru has announced a snow emergency.

In fact there hasn’t been any statistically significant global warming for best part of two decades.

We have a choice.  We can either stick to blind faith in computer models (and the assumptions that underlie them), and in forecast and predictions.  Or we can behave like scientists, and look at the data, not the theory.  It is the Warmists who are in denial.  They are determined to maintain their faith in a discredited theory, like those who announce the end of the world, and when it fails to materialise they just put back the date a few more years.  Perhaps they should wake up, get their heads out from under the duvet, smell the coffee, and check the thermometer.

Meantime, the world goes on. Tony Abbott has just won a resounding victory in the election in Australia, in what is arguably in large part a vote against Climate Alarmism.  Abbott is a sceptic, and his first executive act in government has been to instruct his officials to draw up a plan to cancel Australia’s carbon tax.  In the EU, Gunther Oettinger, Energy Commissioner, has announced that Europe should abandon its unilateral climate policy and develop shale gas. At last, belatedly, we’re waking up and coming to our senses.

You have to feel a little sorry for the Warmists as their cherished theory comes crashing down, don’t you?  And so do I feel sorry for Al Gore?  Hell No.  He had it coming.

Roger Helmer

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