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Andreasen warns BCVA over AIFM Directive
Date 15/04/2010 17:21  Author webmaster  Hits 2534  Language Global
Speaking at the British Venture Capital Association (BVCA) in London today, Marta Andreasen, UKIP MEP for South East of England said, "Stop the crippling restrictions being loaded on those who fund start-up companies."

She called on leaders on all parties to "make clear their commitment to job creation, and allow the creation of tomorrow's Microsofts and Googles of this world.

"The new AIFM directive," she warned, "is going to restrict the ability of venture capital companies to invest in start-ups and will make capital increasingly unavailable for job creators."

"This is incredibly damaging," she said, "particularly at a time when banks are sucking in zombie-like what little money there is available."

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