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Boris Johnson out of touch with reality
Date 04/07/2013 20:01  Author webmaster  Hits 2657  Language Global
Boris Johnson wants an amnesty for illegal immigrants. He’s out of touch with reality.


Boris Johnson has said on LBC Radio that he is in favour of an amnesty for illegal immigrants. He said that the failure of the Border Agency to send illegal immigrants home meant there was already an effective amnesty in place.  He admitted that if people have been here a number of years the authorities don’t pursue them anyway.

There are probably over a million illegal immigrants in the UK, and quite possibly double that number, no one actually knows. An amnesty would merely send a signal to the world inviting the next wave of illegals to come and try their luck. The Spanish have had a number of amnesties over the last twenty years and they went from about forty thousand people for the first one up to over seven hundred thousand for the last one. And if that many people want to go to a bankrupt country like Spain think how many more would come to Britain?

If we give an amnesty to illegals they would then become eligible for benefits and housing. Which means less resrources for the rightful population. Since most of them will be on low paid jobs in the black economy anyway, going on the benefits system would appear an attractive option.

One of the reasons that the Border Agency is so unsuccessful is that when illegal immigrants are identified they are then sent away and asked to turn up at court 30 days later for their case to be heard. Unsurprisingly only a tiny fraction do so.  If they do then they will argue the toss using Human Rights legislation anyway. Only a tiny number of those illegals identified are ever returned to their own countries.

The solution is to repeal the Human Rights Act; and why not pay performance bonuses to Border Agency, Home Office staff, and the police, who identify illegals and see them successfuly deported? It would be a cheaper option in the long-run.

Boris is out of touch with ordinary people who are sick to death of mass immigration and people taking advantage of our country. For all of Boris’ image of calculated blokey buffonery he is still one of the political out-of-touch elite who don’t actually give a damn about what ordinary people think.  He is only in touch with the Guardian reading minority who control the BBC and much of our media


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