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Budgeting towards an EU police state
Date 28/06/2013 18:04  Author webmaster  Hits 2628  Language Global

As the European Court of Auditors refuses to sign off the EU's accounts for the 18th year in a row and 'down stream fraud' continues unabated, the solution offered by Brussels is more centralised power: the EU wants its own European Public Prosecutor, an EU police force, intelligence services and all the legal instruments to set up an EU-wide police state, writes UKIP MEP Gerard Batten.

The EU has decided to cut the budget of the European Court of Auditors by 4.2%. The Court of Auditors has been unable to sign of the EU accounts for the last 18 years.

UKIP does not want the EU to spend money on anything but of all the things it could cut back on the Court of Auditors might seem a strange choice.  After all, wouldn’t the EU like to know where all the missing money is going?

Estimates vary as to how much of the EU budget is scammed or sphinoned off by criminals,  but whatever the figure it will run into tens of millions of euros per annum. At one point the EU actually stopped payments to Bulgaria because the Government is so closely linked to organised crime that even the EU (which turns a blind eye to most corruption if the perpetrators are pro-EU) could not ingore the institutionalised fraud for ever.

The Court of Auditors refuses to sign off the EU’s accounts because it cannot account that all the money has been correctly spent. A lot of this is described as ‘down stream fraud’. The money is handed over to Member States and the fraud is carried out there. The EU says it is the responisbility of the Member States’ authorities to account for the money. The Auditors cannot trace it all from source to end, and so it will not sanction the accounts.

A sane sensible person might ask, ‘why then send vast sums of money to countries where it can, and is, plundered by criminals’. The EU is not sane or sensible of course and so the farce continues year after year.

The solution the EU offers is instead (in case you hadn’t guessed) more centralised power. The EU wants its own European Public Prosecutor (to prosecute crimes against the Union), and all the paraphenalia of an EU police force, and intelligence services, and all the legal institutions and instruments to set up an EU-wide police state.  This is now all underway with the consent of our own Government.

What should Britain do?  We should stop all payments to the EU budget and leave the EU. And of course, reject their vision of an EU legal system that is destroying our freedoms and legal safeguards established over centuries.


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