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Carry on camping, MEPs tell EU foreign service staff
Date 14/06/2013 14:26  Author webmaster  Hits 2338  Language Global
By voting against the Dartmouth Amendment, the Labour and Lib Dem MEPs basically told the EU's foreign service staff to "carry on camping at taxpayers expense." 

In a vote yesterday [13.06.2013] in Strasbourg on an own initiative report on the European External Action Service, UKIP MEP William Dartmouth submitted an amendment calling on EEAS staff to be entitled to no more than 10 weeks holiday.

This is because a "working document" [PDF] compiled by Ingeborg Graessle, a German Christian Democrat MEP, discovered that under EEAS regulations the staff are entitled to 17 weeks a year holiday - see Daily Telegraph report.

The Amendment, Am15, was defeated with 508 votes against, 84 in favour and 22 abstentions. All the Tory MEPs, except Harbour and Ashworth, supported the UKIP position, as did Chris Davies of the Lib Dems.

All the Labour MEPs, Greens, Plaid Cymru and all Lib Dems, except Davies, opposed the amendment.

All votes here: See Am15, page 13.

Responding, MEP William Dartmouth, the UKIP Trade Spokesman from England South West said:

"It is quite incredible that Labour and LibDem MEPs would vote to maintain EU Foreign Service staff on holidays of 17 weeks per year. The staff are in many cases having a very well paid stay in countries like Barbados and have very long holidays.

"UKIP called for a curtailment of these long holidays at taxpayers expense. The Labour and LibDem MEPs basically told the EEAS to carry on camping at taxpayers expense."

During Wednesday's speech William Dartmouth described the EU's foreign service as a costly "fallacy" that demonstrates
"yet again that Britain’s membership of the EU actually diminishes our influence in the world."