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Euro-parties listing on UK ballots a pointless exercise
Date 28/05/2013 18:01  Author webmaster  Hits 2211  Language Global
Listing pan-European political parties on UK ballot sheets for the 2014 European elections is a pointless exercise, says UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew.

Ballot papers for the 2014 European elections should list European political parties as well as national ones, said the Constitutional Affairs Committee on Tuesday.

European parties should name their candidates for European Commission President well in advance, to allow themselves time to run an EU-wide campaign on EU issues.

National parties should also say which European party they belong to and who they back for Commission President, it added.

Responding to this proposal, UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew, a member of the Constitutional Affairs committee
(AFCO) said this afternoon:

"One of the many problems with this proposal is that most people in the UK have little brand awareness of European political parties and it will just confuse the electorate.

"This whole exercise is pointless.

"If Brussels wishes to increase turn-out at this European election in the UK let's make it a proxy vote on EU membership.

"This specific EU proposal has been proposed by LibDem MEP Andrew Duff who at least does not try to hide his federalist ambitions."

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