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Nigel Farage and Ron Paul share common ground at Chile conference
Date 02/04/2013 02:48  Author webmaster  Hits 11877  Language Global
<< Pictured, from left, Ron Paul, Nigel Farage and investment broker and finance commentator Peter Schiff


Two of the world's leading libertarian politicians, UKIP Leader Nigel Farage and the man described as "the Intellectual Godfather" of the Tea Party movement, Ron Paul, found plenty to talk about when they met at the Sovereign Man conference in Chile over Easter.

Held in the South American nation's capital, Santiago, the annual conference featured a host of heavyweight speakers including Mr Paul, Nigel and legendary American investor Jim Rogers.

Speaking after the conference, Nigel said: "It was a major event and there was a fantastic audience there to hear the world-ranked speakers.

"I spoke on the threat posed by the breakdown of the eurozone to the world economy, Jim Rogers gave his take on the complete breakdown of global macroenomic policies while Ron Paul took on the American Internal Revenue Service, calling for its abolition. It was seriously good stuff."

Sharing such common ground, Ron Paul and Nigel Farage took time away from the spotlight to swap views.

"We had lunch and dinner together in a private setting and we got along extremely well," said Nigel Farage.

"Ron is a very interesting, humble and lovely guy and it was great to have some time with him."

Flying straight back from Chile, Nigel Farage goes directly into his Common Sense Tour which starts in Cornwall.
"Had dinner with Ron Paul last night. 100 per cent genuine and a real pleasure" @Nigel_Farage

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