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Derek Clark: Strasbourg Commentary, January Session
Date 21/01/2013 10:49  Author webmaster  Hits 2072  Language Global
UKIP MEP Derek Clark writes about last week's plenary session in the European Parliament in Strasbourg (14-17 January 2013) - which started with an Employment Committee meeting...

Once again the week started for me with an Employment Committee meeting on Monday evening at 7.00pm. This was short notice, we are never given very much time to prepare properly for anything. No wonder the EU is a mess.

This meeting was to vote on two issues, "Corporate Social Responsibility", which will add to the regulatory burden. Then, "Better Governance of the Single Market", in which the president remarked that, "the Single Market was not an end in itself but a means for Social Progress". So there you have it, nothing to do with easier trade and everything to do with an enlarged and more expensive welfare system. Our trade is pretty healthy, on the whole, so it is pretty clear whose Social Progress is improved by the much lauded "Free Movement of workers", and whose economy is to pay for it.

Incidentally, the President indicated at one point that there were too many people voting, as shown by the electronic voting machine. This has happened before, when usually the president says that there were too many of a certain party voting. So the machine corrects this, but most votes are taken by show of hands, without counting, so how many of those are legitimate?

Plenary session

One measure here was the "Horn of Africa" which concentrated on the Ethiopian Piracy. Did not mention that this has arisen because of the EU awarding fishing licences for European fleets to raid the waters of the third world, in this case that part of the Indian Ocean. These fleets destroy stocks of fish there, leaving the locals destitute. In this case that drove some Ethiopians back into their old ways of piracy. Now they are trying to resolve the issue but that does not include assisting Ethiopians to resume their traditional fishing rights.

Was dominated by Enda Kenny the Irish premier addressing the house at the start of the Irish Presidency. He went on for a considerable length of time. Nigel's response is here.

Among the issues voted on was fishing again. Baltic stocks and Conserving resources. They are going to eliminate discards (at last) but in stages. That's some progress but they will not adopt the best approach, reverting to national waters of 200 miles from the coast with the countries being responsible for what happens there. In vain do we point out that this works for Norway and Iceleand. By the way, did you know that your fish'n chips probably came from Iceland, well, the fishy bit anyway? Europe imports more than half the fish it consumes.

More importantly today saw the attempt by the EU to arrange its own Credit Ratings Agency through the Domenici report. Godfrey had something to say about this so see his intervention via this link.

Suffice it to say that we have another disaster on the horizon.

Most important was the debate and vote on EU - Mercosur trade relations. Mercosur is an anagram for the participating countries of South and Central America, the abbreviations used being of the Latin names. William Dartmouth spoke to this in the morning and his statistics are very useful in the current context of the Cameron speech. One of the EU supporter's commonest ploys is to say that we need to be in the EU to trade with its countries. Nonsense and I have my own personal response, but William has provided a better one. Of the Mercosur countries Brazil is the strongest economically, with a GDP of around 2.48 trillion dollars, while the UK is about 2.49 trillion $. Of Brazil's exports some 37 % goes to the other Mercosur countries while the UK figure is about 40% of our exports to the rest of the EU.

But no one anywhere is suggesting that the Mercosur countries should form a political association, to foster trade, or anything else.

If you think about it where else in the world is there a EU-style political union starting? Australia merging with New Zealand. India and Pakistan, sorry, forgot, they separated in blood shed years ago. Libya, Algeria and Egypt all one country? Since the US President, and his associates, has said we should be in the EU why do we not ask him the same question. Why is the USA not a real United States of America and go into political union with Canada, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama and the rest of central America. You then point out that, like the EU before it, you make it work by introducing, and forcing, a common currency on all the countries involved. Try that on the corporate boys in Wall Street!