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A view from either side
Date 23/11/2012 15:30  Author webmaster  Hits 2245  Language Global
Yesterday I had a couple of interesting conversations.  The first was with a prominent Conservative MEP.

He was asking how I was getting on in my new Party.  I said that UKIP had a refreshing approach to policy.  We looked at each question with an open mind, and tried to find a common-sense approach.  Then if we found that London cabbies agreed with us (that’s always a good litmus test) we figured we had it about right.

 “Ah”, said Fred (I’ll call him Fred) “I can remember a Party like that, which used to have a pragmatic, common sense approach”.  “I know, Fred”, I replied, “I used to be a member of it”.

The other was with a prominent Labour MEP, who volunteered the view that “UKIP is on the up”.  “Labour has a difficult position on this”, he said.  “We’re a pro-European party.  But we can’t ignore the fact that 56% of voters would vote to leave the EU.  We have to recognise that, and respond to it.  That’s what Miliband is trying to do”.  

I replied “But it seems to me, Joe (I’ll call him Joe) that Miliband has ended up with the failing Tory policy — we want to stay in the EU, but we want reform”.  

Joe didn’t entirely agree.  I asked if he was getting much airtime.  “Not much”, he replied, “but you seem to be on Five Live all the time”.  A slight exaggeration, but good to hear.   He added “UKIP has the views that people seem to want to hear”.