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Straight Talking: Farage addresses UKIP Spring Conference
Date 23/03/2010 13:55  Author webmaster  Hits 2391  Language Global

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'We want less government. We want less interference. We want the freedom to choose back. We want to get rid of ludicrous regulations. We want to allow people to be grown-ups and make their own decisions in life.' - Nigel Farage

• UKIP MEP Nigel Farage, UKIP's candidate for Buckingham in the general election, addressed the UKIP Spring Conference in Milton Keynes, 19 March.

"What you're going to get from the UKIP campaign is straight talking," Mr Farage told the conference. "We say what we mean. We mean what we say. We tell it how it is."

Referring to the country's economic, political and social disarray, and the death of democracy with the Lisbon treaty, Mr Farage said, "I think the time has come for straight talking and I think the great British public are ready to listen to a political party that is prepared to tell the truth, even if some of it, from time to time, may be a little unpalatable."

Nigel Farage also spoke about his meetings with the European parliament president, Jerzy Buzek. "The fact that - as somebody representing a political party that came second in the United Kingdom in the European elections last year - that that representative has been fined 10 days' pay just for speaking his mind in what is supposed to be a parliament, I think tells you all you need to know about democracy in the modern-day European Union."

Referring to career politicians in Westminster who have come to accept the lack of EU democracy, Mr Farage said: "They've given up any idea that we can govern ourselves. We know that of this Labour government. We know that of the Liberal-Democrats. And anybody that harbours any lingering hopes that perhaps the Conservative Party might come to the aid of the nation only needs to see what William Hague said last week. Yes, that's right, the same William Hague who in 2001 posed as the defender of the nation, just last week, William Hague said that a Conservative government would give its full support to the European External Action Service and that Europe must speak with one voice on Russia, the Balkans, energy and security. So even the Conservatives have now accepted the principle that under Baroness Ashton there should be a common foreign policy for the European Union. They've given up. They offer us no hope at all. Don't trust them. Listen to the party that talks straight."

Farage also spoke about the immigration issue as a non-racist, non-sectarian, sensible argument, as well as the state of the economy: "Let's talk straight - we cannot afford to go on like this... We need massive cuts in the public sector; we need massive cuts in our bureaucracy, and a very good place to start, I think, would be these vast, over-bloated, expensive quangos," Farage told an applauding crowd.

"Let's support enterprise! Let's give small businesses a chance! But we're not just going to get out of this mess by cutting spending. We need to stimulate growth. But no one is talking about stimulating growth. Only UKIP would offer a package that would help stimulate growth in small and medium sized businesses by getting rid of thousands of unnecessary, intrusive EU directives that actually prevent small employers from taking people on."

Mr Farage said that UKIP does not only tell the British people about EU governnance and the lies associated with Britain's membership, but "we are able to give them a manifesto that says, we want less government, we want less interference, we want the freedom to choose back; we want to get rid of ludicrous regulations; We want to allow people to be grown-ups and make their own decisions in life."