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Election campaign launched with a bang
Date 21/03/2010 23:03  Author webmaster  Hits 1932  Language Global

 Lord Pearson's speech, Part 1    
 Part 2

• More than 500 cheering delegates attended the UKIP Spring Conference in Milton Keynes on Friday (19.03.2010) to hear Nigel Farage and Lord Pearson deliver rousing speeches as the Party launched its election campaign.

A packed conference hall also watched as MEP David Campbell Bannerman launched UKIP's most detailed manifesto ever, and Campaign Director James Pryor outlined the Party's tactics for the assault on the general election.

Speaking at the end of the conference, Lord Pearson explained clearly how voters are running out of time to save the country from disaster.

"After five more years it may be very difficult to escape," he said. "We will no longer be enmeshed on every side in the tentacles of the corrupt octopus, as we are today; we will be in its belly.

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