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David Cameron`s Euro pledge is a load of Brussels sprouts
Date 22/10/2012 13:42  Author webmaster  Hits 3207  Language Global
By Nigel Farage MEP | The Sun

Cabinet-rank ministers, in an unprecedented revolt against the official party line, are daring to suggest Britain might walk out of Europe.

Meanwhile Tory MPs with marginal seats are squealing in alarm at polls showing UKIP’s campaign for an IN-or-OUT referendum has won huge public support.

Could the two developments by any chance be related?

Conservatives have suddenly woken up to the increasingly probability that my party will win the 2014 European elections.

More to the point, they are terrified Mr Cameron will be robbed again of outright victory in 2015 as Tory voters choose us or stay home.

In any case, can we believe a word “Cast Iron Dave” says about a referendum after his previous broken promise?

The Prime Minister and his Foreign Secretary, William Hague, are rattling sabres at Brussels and demanding the return of sovereign power over welfare, immigration and justice.

But what, as Michael Gove asks, do we do if they say NO?

The Eurosceptic Education Secretary says we can walk out.

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