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Farage: Colonialism by fishing boat rather than gunboat
Date 11/10/2012 15:02  Author webmaster  Hits 5107  Language Global

A new report (pdf) published today by the EFJ, Environmental Justice Foundation, has found that European fishing ships are pillaging African waters, causing both untold damage to the environment and to local economies.

Responding to these claims, UKIP leader and member of the Fisheries Committee, Nigel Farage said, "The rape of the African seas is an unintended consequence of the EU's Common Fisheries Policy.

"This policy has been an economic and ecological disaster which has destroyed the fishing grounds of Europe; and has now pushed European boats to illegally steal fish from poor African nations."

The EFJ report says that techniques used by the European fisherman such as 'using banned fishing equipment. Bribes, intimidation, refusing to pay fines were also documented along with photos of a local fisherman beaten unconscious' have caused the local fishing economies of these countries great financial loss. The commission's own figures show that illegal fishing deprives fishing communities of €18 billion annually, which for communities such as Sierra Leone is a massive loss.

Nigel Farage also added: "The EU wishes to keep on expanding its political power, and land coverage, so it is not surprising that EU accredited boats are plundering the seas of other states, including poor African countries of their natural wealth.

"I call on Manuel Barroso to apologise and offer compensation to the poor fishermen of Sierra Leone which these EU boats have plundered.  What has happened there is an absolute disgrace.

"This is old style colonialism, this time with fishing boats rather than a gun boat.

"It brings the damage caused by the Common Fisheries Policy to wider attention, so I warmly welcome this report."

More consequences can be felt as the International Organisation for Migration estimated that over 6,000 Africans died trying to escape countries economically ruined by the EU's disastrous trade and fisheries policy.

"UKIP believes that the Common Fisheries Policy has caused nothing but economic damage to Britain, and now this can be seen affecting countries not even in the European Union. The CFP has already nearly driven both the fishing industry in the United Kingdom, but also the fish themselves, to extinction.  UKIP deplores any further damage caused by this doomed policy," concluded England South East MEP Nigel Farage.

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