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Farage responds to Cameron barbs on Marr Show
Date 07/10/2012 14:42  Author webmaster  Hits 2887  Language Global
Responding to comments by David Cameron on the BBC's Andrew Marr show (from 47:43) this morning in which he ruled out an IN-OUT referendum on EU membership and dismissed UKIP as "a complete waste of time" UKIP leader Nigel Farage said:

"Since Cameron has become leader, membership of the Tory party has halved.

"Since he last abused UKIP, our poll rating have doubled.

"The Prime Minister is once again showing his legendary lofty disdain for ordinary voters who rate UKIP higher than the LibDems - who must be an even bigger waste of his time.

"The Prime Minister's blueprint for a new EU settlement is very confused. His claims to be able to change the EU rules on Freedom of Movement will be derided by anybody who knows how the EU works."

BBC video excerpt on Youtube