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MEPs move back to Commission line on 2013 budget
Date 05/10/2012 12:56  Author webmaster  Hits 2107  Language Global
By Marta Andreasen MEP

The European Parliaments Budgets Committee has given their blessing to an approximate 6.8% rise in the EU Budget for 2013.

MEPs in the Committee yesterday voted through the Commission spending priorities for 2013 and accepted the EU Institution’s line that it needed the huge rise to pay for existing commitments.

I, of course, voted against the rise and suggested a cut to the budget of at least 10%.

The European House of History project also had 5.3 Million Euros cut from its budget.

The EU bureaucracy is already bloated. We should be cutting the budget not giving the green light to continued gluttony and waste.

The House of European History – expected to be in excess of 50 million Euro and with running costs of more than 1 million per annum  - is an extravagance at any time, especially now.

The 5 Million ‘saving’ is in fact nothing of the sort. Payments are just postponed until next year. A large number of staff have been recruited and will need to be paid. Architects have the plans well under way. We should be dropping the whole project not trying to put on gloss on it by trumpeting ‘savings’.

It is a mystery to me how members of a committee tasked with safeguarding taxpayers’ money can, year after year, approve the European Commission’s management of EU funds by giving them more money whilst the European Court of Auditors continue to find high levels of irregularities and refuse to give the EU budget a clean bill of health.