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Cameron and EU referendum
Date 23/07/2012 17:07  Author webmaster  Hits 2446  Language Global
By Gerard Batten MEP

Brussels & Strasbourg Bulletin | PDF HERE

David Cameron recently wrote an article in which he said that the words ‘EU and referendum could go together’ – although it seems not in any meaningful way.

On 2nd July in Strasbourg I gave the following speech in response.

“David Cameron has suggested there might be a referendum on the European Union. But he doesn’t know when, or what the question should be. He only knows the question will not be: should Britain leave the EU?

“He says this is because he doesn’t know what the EU will look like in the future. But we all know don’t we. Those of us here on both sides of the argument know exactly that it is intended to be a single European political state: a United States of Europe.

“The current euro-zone crisis is being used to bring about financial and economic government and full political integration. The only person who apparently doesn’t understand this is David Cameron. The UK Independence Party can explain it to him as we are explaining it to his voters. The only referendum that the British people want is a straight question on staying in or getting out – and sooner rather than later.”

Cameron wants to try and fool the voters again as the Tories have so many times before. The Tories have always lied about the EU and they are lying now. UKIP has got them on the run - let’s keep it that way!

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