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Another UKIP MEP falls foul of EU Parliament
Date 10/03/2010 18:17  Author webmaster  Hits 2815  Language Global
•  For the second time in recent weeks a UKIP MEP has fallen foul of the European parliament.

Today William, Earl of Dartmouth, had his microphone switched off in the middle of a speech and an usher was instructed to remove him from the debating chamber in Strasbourg.

Lord Dartmouth was speaking in a debate on Arctic Policy. He was  pointing out the absurdity of countries such as Greece and Cyprus having such a policy.

He went on to say that this was as bizarre as the appointment of Baroness Ashton as the EU's High Representative. At this point his microphone was switched off and he was ordered from the chamber by the chairperson - Yorkshire and Humberside Lib Dem MEP Diana Wallis.

Lord Dartmouth said he would be writing to the President of the parliament, Mr Jerzy Buzek, to complain about his treatment.

"UKIP has always said that this is not a proper Parliament as it is wholly intolerant of dissent" said Lord Dartmouth, "And today's events have proved that"


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