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Stuart Agnew backs militant farmers in dairy dispute
Date 23/07/2012 16:49  Author webmaster  Hits 2283  Language Global
The agriculture spokesman for the UK Independence Party, Stuart Agnew MEP, who himself farms in the East of England, has spoken out in support of dairy farmers who are protesting against cuts in milk prices.

Mr Agnew said:  “Having served for nine years on the NFU council, I am well aware of how difficult it is to persuade farmers to demonstrate in significant numbers. The fact that they are doing so now underlines the desperate situation in which so many dairy farmers find themselves.   Asda and Morrisons cannot ignore the fact that the immense damage currently being done to their reputations by this self-generated crisis will outweigh any financial advantage they might have strong-armed out of milk producers.

“Farmers for Action and the NFU have combined to create a synergy that is hugely impressive and is well and truly educating our citizens into understanding that milk has a value.  I urge milk producers not to overdo the direct action.  You are winning the argument. Retailers know how vulnerable their entire ‘just in time’ national operations are to a few tractors milling around at distribution centres.  As an egg producer, may I also warn the dairy men that increasing production without a market stimulus can only lead to tears at bed time. Good discipline wins battles.”