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Cameron `best federalist outside eurozone` says federalist leader
Date 13/06/2012 15:02  Author webmaster  Hits 3426  Language Global

A prominent MEP and former Prime Minister of Belgium, speaking in the European parliament in Strasbourg today, has described Prime Minister David Cameron as "the best federalist outside the eurozone".

Committed EU federalist Guy Verhofstadt MEP is the leader of the Liberal Group (ALDE) in the parliament and had been speaking on the results of the recent European Council meeting, calling for more fiscal and political union in the eurozone.

East Midlands UKIP MEP Roger Helmer used the "Blue Card" intervention to put a question to Mr. Verhofstadt.

"You say we need a comprehensive solution to the €uro crisis.  I agree.  But why do you think more integration is the answer?  We need to dismantle the €uro and the EU.  Given that we're surrounded by the ruins of the European project, why do you call for more Europe?  Why do you reinforce failure?".

Verhofstadt replied: "Listen to your own Prime Minister Mr. David Cameron.  He's been calling for a solution to the crisis.  He wants more fiscal integration, more political integration.  David Cameron is the best federalist outside the eurozone".

Commenting on the exchange, Helmer (himself a former Conservative) said "Many Conservative Party members and activists will be dismayed at this confirmation of what they always feared.  Despite his occasional eurosceptic rhetoric, Cameron is clearly committed to further European integration".