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Draghi's mantra: More centralised EU control
Date 04/06/2012 13:31  Author webmaster  Hits 2501  Language Global

by Marta Andreasen MEP | VIDEO

On Friday in the European Parliament I had the opportunity to question Mario Draghi , the president of the ESRB ( European Systemic Risk Board) who also happens to be the president of the European Central Bank, about the banking crisis.

I specifically asked about the continued use of stress tests when we are having daily surprises from banks in eurozone states.

I also attacked the bailing out of banks with taxpayers money. Why should the public pay for private debt?

His response was as always: More central control and supervision is needed. More centralisation and yet more centralisation.

During the meeting he also heavily criticised Spain and Belgium for their handling of Bankia and Dexia banks respectively.

You can see my frank exchange of views with Mr Draghi here: