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A Solution to Political Party funding
Date 03/04/2012 14:36  Author webmaster  Hits 2393  Language Global
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By Gerard Batten MEP

All the fuss about Peter Cruddas being forced to resign as the Chief Tory Fund Raiser is rank humbug. His prices of £250,000 for access to the Prime Minister just shows how inflation has hit politics. Under Labour a quarter of a million might buy you a knighthood or a peerage, now it only gets you a meeting with David Cameron.

This real issue is one of party political funding. All political parties depend on donations from a small pool of wealthy people in order to exist.   While UKIP rejects the public funding of political parties in principle there is nevertheless a problem in that while most people want to live in a demcracy they don’t want to pay for it.

I can offer a solution to this problem.

I suggest that everyone who wishes to vote pay a £1 levy in order to be included on the electoral roll. They can increase this to up to £10 if they wish. They then select one of the politcal parties registered with the Electoral Commission to which their £1 donation will go for one calendar year.  They can change their preference once a year when the electoral register is updated.

Unlike other recommendations for tax payer funding this has nothing to do with the number of votes political parties may have won in previous elections.

Political parties will then have an assured income for adminstration and elections commensurate with their popularity with the electorate. 

This solution is simple to adminster, fair, and removes political funding from individuals and organisations with their own policy agendas.