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When will they unleash the Euro Gendarmerie Force?
Date 20/02/2010 23:00  Author webmaster  Hits 6092  Language Global
"There is, as we speak, in Vicenza in Italy, a new paramilitary police force/army training - called the European Gendarmerie Force - and it is meant to deal with civil disorder and civil insurrection," UKIP MEP Nigel Farage told King World News (Feb. 20).

"We're still some way from that being activated, but are we going to finish up with students in Athens fighting against the EU police?" asked Mr Farage.  "I just don't know, frankly, what that future is. I hope that they haven't got the collective  will to do it, but given the background of some of these people, you can't write anything out."

Nigel Farage was speaking to Eric King in a 25-minute interview, covering the new EU Commission, which includes former communist apparatchiks from the Soviet era, and the Eurozone crisis, with economically imprisoned Greece left with no option but to do as they are told.

"There have been tens of thousands of people on the streets of Athens this week, demonstrating, saying to the government, 'for goodness sake do something to help us," Nigel Farage said. "At some point in time it's going to dawn upon the trade union movement; upon millions of people in Greece - it's going to dawn upon them that actually there's no point in protesting to their government; that it won't matter in future how they vote in general elections, it doesn't matter whether you have a socialist government, or a conservative government; that democracy is literally dead in the very country that invented it thousands of years ago - because there's nothing that government can do about labour markets, there is nothing that government can do about interest rates and that government doesn't have the ability to allow its currency to devalue, which is what they need so desperately."

"One thing I am absolutely certain of is that we will not have the same number of members of the euro in a few years' time as we've got now," Nigel Farage predicted.

"Even if they're able, in the next week or so, to bail out Greece, and to give some surety to Spain or Portugal or Ireland or wherever else it may be, my prediciton for the future is this: If Germany and the Benelux countries start to come out of this recession in a reasonably sound way - and some of the evidence is that they're doing so - what will happen is the European Central Bank will start to put interest rates up. If you put interest rates up on an economy that is in the absolute depths of recession, you are then headed for economic catastrophe. And that is the scenario that I can see playing out over the next couple of years, and yes, I think it is inevitable that those countries will have to break away from the euro, but my fear is that in order to keep the political project that the entire political class has vested its whole reputation in, that people will have to suffer greatly and it's probably going to take civil disorder on a massive scale to get their own countries out of this mess."

Asked whether he thinks the European project will bring about conflict across Europe, Farage said, "I have never believed that the European project was based on aggression or old style imperialism, but it is based on wanting to have power on the globe, and I think that, inadvertently, what they are likely to cause is a whole series of mini conflicts that take place right across the continent. The question really that you're asking me and that I can't answer yet is what will their response to this be," referring to the European Gendarmerie Force aimed at confronting civil unrest across the EU.

Will they ever give up, Eric King asked.

"They will fight to maintain their dream... but they know deep down that when I speak those words in the European Parliament, I am articulating the view of a growing number of people from all European countries. They'll try and maintain the dream, but at some point the whole thing is going to collapse. One of the reasons I do what I do is because I want to force the political mainstream in Britain into giving us a free and fair referendum on this massive constitutional issue of who governs Britain. Because what I want is a democratic solution. I don't want it to become a violent solution, because that would not be the legacy I want to leave to my four children."

Audio on KingWorldNews.com (Duration: 00:25:50)

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