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Andreasen: Cut UK contributions to EU budget by 10%
Date 16/03/2012 11:13  Author webmaster  Hits 2084  Language Global

As the EU seeks millions more from taxpayers, let's cut UK contributions to the EU 2013 budget by 10%, says UKIP MEP Marta Andreasen.

By Marta Andreasen MEP | VIDEO

In Strasbourg (13.03.2012) we were debating the 2013 EU budget for the European Commission. The Commission has yet to produce its estimates, but like the European Parliament it is expected to ask for an inflationary increase of between just below two percent and three percent.

The increase, being demanded by the European Parliament’s top unelected civil servant in a proposal paper,  will take European Parliament’s spending to GB £1.5 billion at a time of national austerity and as the European institutions are  imposing budget cuts on Eurozone countries.

Trying to overturn the Parliament’s abysmal perception in the public mind, the parliament’s overall ‘communications’ budget will rise over 20 percent to £36.7 million in 2013. The European Parliament also wants to increase public funding for the activities of EU-wide political parties.

On top of this, the European Commission is also looking to increase its share of the EU Budget pot, with a rise to fund a new ’2020 Strategy’ designed to steer Europe out of the financial crisis.

We already know it – even if most MEPs won’t admit it – that billions of taxpayers’ money has been wasted on failed initiatives and policy agendas.

Yet, they are asking for more money from EU citizens whilst assuring them that the new 2020 Agenda will lead them to the promised land. This is treating them as fools!

Of course we know that the European Commission never runs a deficit…and they never will while they can always go back to the Member States and tax them more to balance their books!

I for one am calling on the British government to reduce its contribution to the 2013 EU budget by 10 % on today’s figures. We need bold solutions.


Marta Andreasen's speech on 13 March 2012: