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Agnew: More EU legislation is `not the way ahead` on animal welfare
Date 29/02/2012 16:40  Author webmaster  Hits 2329  Language Global


During a debate in the European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee (28.02.2012) on the EU’s ‘Strategy for the protection and welfare of animals’, UKIP agriculture spokesman, Stuart Agnew MEP has bluntly stated that new EU legislation “is not the way ahead.”

He said: “We’ve got a lot of EU legislation, the problem is enforcement.  There are laws on animal transportation, which are adequate but not being enforced.  There are laws about not having battery cages for hens, but they (the hens) are still in the cages.”

Mr Agnew also pointed out that “political correctness” and “moral cowardice” are creating problems in dealing with some religions and sects “who slaughter animals in different ways and do it very badly.  We don’t go after them, we let them get away with it.”

“I see a different solution to this altogether.  Consumers have got to tell retailers that they only want meat, etc from animals that have been well treated and it is up to the retailers to have their insurance schemes.  That is the way to do it”  He pointed out that in countries where the welfare of animals is taken seriously, such as the UK, organisations like the RSPCA, funded by public donations, are the guardians of animal welfare.  “Members of the public who are members of this organisation, will be looking at farms and they will be looking at animals in distress. They will report this to the RSPCA, who will do something about it.  I stress again, EU rules are not the way ahead here.