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Fighting Wind Farms: A guide for campaigners
Date 25/02/2012 16:08  Author webmaster  Hits 6992  Language Global
Published by Godfrey Bloom MEP

This booklet is intended as an introduction to effective campaigning against wind farms. The following pages offer a number of arguments against wind energy, which may persuade you  or help you to persuade others that wind energy is quite simply a bad idea.  Rather than providing a complete and technical account of the many concerns about wind energy that campaigners have raised over the years, an overview of them is given here as a starting point for further research.

Seasoned wind farm campaigners start out as ordinary folk, but more often than not end up as experts in matters of energy and planning policy. Across the centre pages is an outline of the wind farm planning process. This includes some detail about what the wind farm developer will do, and some suggestions for your own response.  Sadly, there is no magic formula for winning against wind farm developments in the planning process. Thanks to the UK government’s irrational commitments to renewable energy and wind energy in particular, the planning process is loaded against any opposition.

Objecting to wind farms is hard work, time-consuming and often expensive. But unless people raise their voices about the horrific destruction of our peaceful landscapes and the dangers of relying on wind energy, the process will continue.

Following the outline of the planning process, the third section of this booklet suggests some steps that you may want to consider when establishing your own wind farm action group. Many people have little or no experience of campaigning, and find themselves at a loss when confronted by the bureaucracy of local planning processes, and the might of huge energy companies. This guide will help, and there are increasing numbers of wind farm campaigners across the country all keen to offer advice to new campaigns, and share their experiences.

It is important to remember that it’s not just your area that is threatened by wind farm developers. There are many areas throughout the UK which are now or will be the site of proposed wind farms. Keep an eye on the national and even international campaigns and debates about wind energy, and make your campaigning efforts reach beyond your own village, town, or city.

Read the booklet (PDF)
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