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Euro launch `contemptuous`, says Godfrey Bloom
Date 03/01/2012 15:28  Author webmaster  Hits 2472  Language Global
Photo: European Parliament Audio-visual - 16-11.2011The EU today lauded the 10th Anniversary of the Euro with a celebratory statement and release of commemorative two-Euro coins, both of which were branded as "deeply inappropriate" by UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom.

Coinciding with the launch, a Greek government official threatened to leave the Euro if his country doesn't get the money it wants.

Mr Bloom, UKIP's Economics spokesman, said: "Olli Rehn, the EU Economic Affairs Commissioner must be auditioning for Alice in Wonderland. Greece is threatening to pull out of the currency but he only talks of 'political will, strong determination and swift action to restore economic growth'. The markets must be laughing.

"They are living a cruel pipe dream when they claim that 'the fundamental purpose of economic and monetary union and the euro was - and still is - to allow the European economy to function better, create more jobs and a better life for Europeans'. It is damaging the economy, destroying jobs and causing nightmares for millions across the continent. This cruel charade must end.

"To launch a commemorative coin illustrating the families, business and trade it has undermined, closed and harmed is contemptuous of the very real problems this political construction has caused.

"That this is happening on the very day that Greek Government spokesman, Pantelis Kapsis has said, 'The bailout agreement needs to be signed otherwise we will be out of the markets, out of the euro,' just shows how out of touch the EU really is. The Mad Hatters are definitely in charge."