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Real EU debate is just beginning - Nigel Farage
Date 09/12/2011 12:54  Author webmaster  Hits 2603  Language Global


Following David Cameron's use of a veto today at the European Council, UKIP Leader Nigel Farage at the Justus Lupsius building in Brussels this morning said the real debate on the EU was just beginning.

"It is tempting to say well done David Cameron for standing up for British interests, but then we realise that he has actually gained nothing," he said.

"His attempt to safeguard Britain's biggest industry has led to Mr Sarkozy telling him where to go.

"The argument that we can repatriate powers from the EU died last night. We cannot have an á la carte menu in future with Europe. They have made it abundantly clear, we can either take it or we can leave it.

"Of course there will be a heavy price to pay for the City for every time there is a crisis with the Euro the City of London will get the blame. The Euro elite have their permanent scapegoat.

"I fear we will now see an avalanche of financial market regulations over which we will now be in a permanent voting minority.

"The real debate on the European Union in Britain is about to begin. Whether David Cameron knows it or not, his actions last night marked the beginning of the end of Britain's membership of this union.

"Just like when Tony Blair gave devolved powers to Scotland and Wales believing that it would satisfy nationalist ambitions; in fact it bred them, leading to the SNP being the biggest party in Scotland.

"The same is true on the European debate - expect in the coming weeks and months for there to be an overwhelming demand in Britain for an in/out referendum."

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