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EU spending under control, say Tories, as UK gives extra £307 million for 2012
Date 04/12/2011 22:25  Author webmaster  Hits 2370  Language Global

By Marta Andreasen

Yesterday [01.12.2011] in the Brussels chamber I poured scorn on Conservative claims that they had EU spending under control. MEPs formally voted for a 2% increase in the EU’s budget for 2012.

The rise – an estimated 2 billion pounds in total – will cost British taxpayers around £307 million for its contribution to the pot. The European Parliament and the Commission's demand for a 5 % increase for the 2012 budget was ridiculous but the acceptance of a real 2% rise is a slap in the face to taxpayers!

In a doomed pursuit of its Lisbon Agenda, the EU has squandered more than one trillion euro of taxpayers' money. I’ll say that number again: One Trillion.

Funds are given to an unaccountable Commission that fails to properly control their use, yet always comes back to ask for more.

The present economic and financial situation in Europe is without a doubt a reflection of the EU's abject failure.

While this wasteful spree goes on in Brussels, Mr. Osborne has this week announced further budget cuts back in the UK on the one hand, whilst agreeing to pour another £307 million of British taxpayers' money into the EU's economic black hole.

So my message to the government is clear:

No, Mr. Hague, the EU budget is not under control.

No, Mr. Cameron, a 2% rise is not a freeze.

And for goodness sake, stop sending more British taxpayers money to the EU!