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Nigel Farage: This is How Dictatorship Begins
Date 28/11/2011 21:49  Author webmaster  Hits 2911  Language Global
VIDEO (Questions sub-titled in English)

"There is an argument that Mr Berlusconi wasn't a very good premier. That may or may not be true. But the essence of parliamentary democracy is, however bad your government is, you the people get an opportunity in general elections to remove them and replace them with somebody else,"
UKIP Leader Nigel Farage told Claudio Messora in an interview for the Italian site Byoblu.com.

"The argument that he wasn't up to it; the argument that a technocratic government of experts will somehow be better... is wrong on two counts," he continued.

"Firstly, that Mr Monti is one of the architects of this failure in the first place, and secondly this is how dictatorship begins - a state of emergency is declared, normal traditional laws of democracy  are suspended and someone takes charge for the good of the country.

"This is how dictatorhip begins. It is not justified in any circumstances at all."

Replying to a question on whether he thinks Mario Monti's globalist connections is a coincidence, Mr Farage said "two democraticlly-elected premiers have been removed by the bully boys from Brussels."

In the case of Greece Mr Papandreou dared propose a referendum and he had to go, while Mr Berlusconi was "beyond the pale".

But now in Italy we have Mr Monti, "a former European Commissioner, one of the architects of the eurozone disaster, unelected, not even a member of the parliament at the time this idea went through, and then to compound it all he's chosen a cabinet of people not one of whom is a democratically-elected politician.

"Whatever the source of all of this is, I think we have to say that if we believe in freedom and democracy it is a monstrosity. Is this all a coincidence? No. It's all about control," Mr Farage told Claudio Messora.

Mr Farage said Italy needs to get rid of "Mr Monti and his cronies, and go back to the lira.

"They've got no legitimacy whatsoever and the sooner they're booted out the better."

Video source: Youtube.com/byoblu