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Cameron is no Eurosceptic - Farage
Date 15/11/2011 15:43  Author webmaster  Hits 2707  Language Global
"Last night, Prime Minister David Cameron classed himself as a Eurosceptic," UKIP leader Nigel Farage said today.

"Here are Ten Reasons why David Cameron is not a Eurosceptic:

1. He reneged on Cast Iron Guarantee to hold EU treaty referendum.

2. Changed Tory Fisheries policy, and no longer calls for repatriation of UK territorial waters.

3. Supported EU regulation of the City of London.

4. Supports entry of Turkey to the EU - encouraging mass immigration.

5. Supported creation of EU External Action Service.

6. Failed to reduce EU budget / allows increase despite promises.

7. Supports the creation of Eurozone core which would leave the UK in a permanent minority position.

8. Prepared to have 40 billion pounds UK money go via the IMF to the Eurozone Bailout.

9. Forced three line whip on EU referendum debate in the Commons.

10. Rolled over to Agency Worker directive and other EU laws which harm UK business and jobs."