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European Parliament approval of EU accounts has become a joke
Date 26/10/2011 23:09  Author webmaster  Hits 2338  Language Global
By Marta Andreasen | RELATED VIDEO

The approval this Parliament gives to EU institutions on the management of taxpayers´money, the so called discharge procedure, has become a joke.
This morning (25 OCT) the European Parliament in Strasbourg debated the discharge – or approval in layman’s terms – of the 2009 European Council accounts. Just now it failed to approve the Council accounts in a vote.
We were elected to scrutinise and protect our People’s interests. Yet year after year the biggest part of the budget – the European Commission’s – is riddled with irregularities. Yet this parliament is happy to grant discharge to it.
Yet when it comes to the European Council, the Parliament refuses discharge even if the auditors make no criticism at all about this institution’s financial management.
Why? Power Games! The Parliament thinks not granting discharge is a way of flexing its muscles. In reality it is an act of total disrespect to the taxpayers it is supposed to serve.

However, even more disrespectfully, this house will not to allow any other institution, but itself, to approve its own financial management. This is a total conflict of interest!
The reports for the years 2007, 2008, 2009 by the Internal Auditor of this Parliament which finally, after years of obfuscation, came to light last week, show this house is far from meriting a clean bill of health.
I voted against discharging the Commission, I voted against discharging the Parliament and I will vote against discharging the Council. I cannot be certain that the funds have been properly spent. Someone here has to take their job as a scrutiniser seriously.



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