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UKIP votes to cut, not just freeze EU budget
Date 26/10/2011 14:03  Author webmaster  Hits 2705  Language Global
Image: www.baltic-course.com "It is absolutely scandalous that at a time of austerity and slashing of public spending the European Parliament is calling for a five percent budget increase", said UKIP MEP Nigel Farage.

"It is not enough that we freeze the EU budget, it must be slashed.

"To attempt to just freeze the EU budget as the Tory Party wants, is a slap in the face for all those enduring hardship at home. "

"Despite deep cuts in public services it is just incredible that the European Parliament would vote in favour of a 5.23 per cent increase in the EU's spending next year to €133 billion."

UKIP leader Farage said that UKIP joined with other parties and MEPs in the European Parliament on Wednesday (26 Oct) to table and support amendments to reduce the EU spending budget.

"We did not vote to increase or to freeze the EU Budget. We called for cuts."

UKIP also voted for amendment (number 985) to reduce MEP allowances by 25 per cent.

"People will be shocked to hear that the total cost of administration alone for the EU institutions shall be increased to a massive 8,257 million euro (€8.3 bln).

"It is risible that while the EU is demanding and enforcing a national budget slashing in Greece, Ireland and Portugal, etc., they all want to increase the taxpayer money allocated to itself."

Throughout the budget debate, UKIP MEPs called for cuts in EU expenditure and voted to reduce spending.

Nigel Farage, MEP for England South East said: "To increase or just freeze the EU budget is a scandal. We need deep cuts now in the EU budget. Why should the taxpayer and everyone else take hardship while the EU wants a life of luxury for bureaucrats? We voted for cuts across the board and we are proud of this stance. The British taxpayer has been abused long enough by the EU.

"It is incredible that Labour and LibDem MEPs would vote for EU budget increases.

"It shows the naivety of the Tory Party which just called for a budget freeze to think that they are going to get anywhere. The EU wants to tax and spend more, it is irreformable.

"There is as much chance of the EU freezing its budget as they EU stopping the monthly jolly to the second European Parliament building in Strasbourg. It will never happen.

"To exert real change in the EU, we must withdraw. Anything else is as useless as one of David Cameron's cast iron guarantees."

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