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`Old parties` of UK bullying citizens on EU - Farage
Date 26/10/2011 11:39  Author webmaster  Hits 2562  Language Global
By Nigel Farage | Public Service Europe

British people have had enough of the EU's 'ridiculous interference and micro-management of our countries law' - writes UKIP leader

In the European Union referendum vote, in Westminster yesterday, the old parties showed their true colours. It is clear they do not care one iota what people think on this vital issue.

With their blanket three line whips, just like the EU itself, they were willing to bully and bulldoze all in their path to ensure that the will of this political class is carried out. They will not listen to the people. The bully boys of the LibLabCon think they have won. But only for a while, because the will of the British people will not be ignored.

The size of the "yes" vote in favour of a referendum demonstrates that the MPs were given courage by the strength of feeling of their constituents. And 111 is a healthy figure that should send a clear message to David Cameron and the other party leaders.

People want democracy; people want to be able to vote, to express their will and to have their will carried out. Last night, the right of the people to have their say was denied by a small political class. But it will not be silenced for long. Indeed, I hope and expect that the big winner of Monday's vote will be the UK Independence Party - not only in the 2014 European elections, but in coming council and national by-elections. For, UKIP as an electoral force can only be strengthened by what happened in Westminster. People have started to wake up and see through the false promises, the arrogance and deviousness of Ed Miliband, David Cameron and Nick Clegg. Let us deal with two of their main arguments. Firstly, that "now is not the right time". On the contrary, I would hold that there has never been a better time. The single currency is in crisis; as we speak there is a large power grab by the EU taking place and talk of treaty change. Now is the chance to grab that opportunity for real change.

Secondly, they claim that we need to concentrate on getting the economic situation back on track. Yes, we urgently need to get our economy and that of other European states back on track, but we can only do that if we tackle the stranglehold of supranational regulations that is suffocating British businesses. It is EU hyper-regulation that is throwing people on the dole; it is the union which gives us open borders and unlimited immigration from member states – therefore, putting pressure on the labour market and the jobs of the unskilled at risk. It is Brussels' regulation, which is threatening to derail the financial services industry in London - Britain's biggest generator of tax income. The union affects the details of peoples' daily lives and they resent it bitterly. We have all had enough of their ridiculous interference and micro-management of our countries law. Is it not ironic that Cameron, Clegg and Miliband are shouting how great it is that the people of Tunisia and Libya can now decide their own laws – yet, the three leaders are happy for the vast majority of British laws to be made by people in Brussels.

But happily, Monday's vote exposed where they all stand on the biggest issue facing our country - by who and where should our laws be made? In London or in Brussels? The UKIP argument is resonating around the country like never before. The people have now woken up, are restless and will not stop until their voice is heard. We want out of the EU, we want to control our own lives and we want our democracy back. "Cast-iron" Cameron & Co. make a big mistake with their bullyboy tactics. It has backfired and emboldened the foot soldiers of democracy. And UKIP will work tirelessly until we achieve our goals. This event has given the party a huge boost. Indeed, in electoral terms, it is a sprinkling of gold dust. Those three old parties must decrease, we must increase. We will make the peoples' voices heard and of that you can be sure.

Nigel Farage MEP is leader of the UK Independence Party