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Cameron clueless about Diabetic Drivers Directive
Date 21/10/2011 13:28  Author webmaster  Hits 4312  Language Global

Following David Cameron's use of diabetics having their licences removed under EU law in his party conference speech, UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall MEP launched an investigation into how this discrimination against diabetics could have happened. His discoveries show the scale of the impact of the new laws and both how the Government and the DVLA are directly responsible for the new law. It also shows how Cameron fails to understand how the EU works.

"Through using an FOI request to the DVLA I have discovered that over 25,000 diabetics have been stripped of their licences by the agency in the last 6 years.

I have also discovered that when the decisions were made by the European Commission's "driving licence committee" in February in 2009, Britain was represented by both the DVLA and the Department of Transport. The decision to introduce this discriminatory rule was taken unanimously, with both the DoT and the DVLA supporting the measures."

Mr Nuttall went on: "This case illustrates perfectly how ill thought out legislation is created, and how the Prime Minister ramps up false Euro-scepticism. Nobody outside that shadowy EU Committee has ever discussed, debated or voted on this Directive, it appeared fully formed and was dropped into the European Parliament's library without fanfare. Nobody knew and nobody saw. It then became EU law, and became British law by default.

"Cameron is guilty of shallow grandstanding on a issue that has a massive impact on people's lives, at the very least", said Nuttall.

"He brought the subject up, and should have known that the DVLA and the Ministry were responsible for the change in the law. The DVLA were intimately involved in writing the legislation and are now pretending ignorance of it".

"They are now claiming that they are back off to Brussels to find out what it is that they agreed to".

"It is farcical and amateurish in the extreme. Tens of thousands of people are losing their licence due to their willingness just to go along with anything Brussels has to say without proper scrutiny. They used to say that our civil service had Rolls Royce brains, it appears that the DoT and the DVLA's brains have been replaced by a rusty old banger".

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