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European Heritage Label: the manipulation and usurpation of memory
Date 08/10/2011 15:43  Author webmaster  Hits 2856  Language Global
UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall has accused the EU of trying to distort history.

His comments came after Euro-MPs approved plans for a ‘
European Heritage Label’ to mark sites with ‘a symbolic European value that have played a key role in the history and/or the building of EU’.

The plaques aim “to strengthen European citizens’ sense of belonging to the EU”. A total of 650,000 Euros has been allocated for the project over next two years.

Commission officials have confirmed that the “heritage labels” will be used on war memorial sites, despite the fact that Brussels-based EU institutions do not mark the Belgian bank holiday of Armistice Day on November 11, to avoid offending German sensibilities.

Mr Nuttall accused the EU of wanting to impose its view of history on war sites, such as the Menin Gate.

“As we come up to Remembrance Sunday it is outrageous to think that the EU might try and hijack the Menin Gate when in fact it commemorates the British and Commonwealth soldiers who died in the First World War to protect our independence from Europe,” said Mr Nuttall, who is a member of the EU Culture Committee.

“They are terrified that they do not own people’s memory or history and are prepared to spend millions of pounds of our money to generate a new one.”

“This report approves a propaganda tool to promote EU integration and objectives.

“The EU’s desire to create and take over sites of remembrance shows that Eurocrats hold to the Orwellian dictum ‘Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.’

“They want to make people either forget their history or only accept a version of it distorted by EU make-believe.

“This cynical manipulation of memory by the EU has got to stop. The taxpayer shouldn’t have to pay for this EU propaganda,” said Mr Nuttall.